Dr. Zafar Mirza urges people not to panic as coronavirus cases reached 150 across country


Islamabad: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza has declared here on Monday that people should not panic about coronavirus. He told that Pakistan has witnessed 150 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

He advised the nation to use all the precautionary measures to avoid having the disease. They should not panic about it and should see the difficult hour with positivity.

He told the nation that coronavirus is a curable disease. He said, “Ninety-seven to 98% of the people who are infected with the coronavirus recover.”

He told the masses that the total number of patient sufferings from COVI-19 rose when people who had traveled to Taftan from Sukkur were tested positive for the virus.

Those people who were tested positive for the COVID-19 were kept in isolation wards. After some time, the patients were sent back to their respective provinces via a systematic process.

After they were being sent back, the authorities have again tested them for the virus, and the tests were again positive.

“During the retests, positive cases of the coronavirus were received,” he told.

He also assured the nation that the PTI government is making necessary arrangements to tackle the situation wisely.

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