Drama Serial Hasad Review

Drama Serial Hasad Review


Drama serial ‘Hasad’ failed to attract the audience’ attention with the same typical story of 19’s

ARY Digital’s new drama serial Hasad review which features Minal Khan and Shehroz Subzwari failed to impress its audience. The drama serial was aired on 10th of June on ARY Digital.

It seemed with few public reviews that the audience of this drama serial is not happy with its script as it portrays the same story which is followed by many drama serials long ago.

It features Minal Khan as Naintara, Shehroz as Armaan, Noor Hassan as Farhan and Arij Fatima as Zareen. Naintara and Arman are married to each other while Farhan and Zareen are also married.

So, the drama serial revolves around the day to day phadas of deewrani and Jethani. Naintara is playing the role of an innocent Deewrani whereas you’ll see Zareen as a bold Jethani who is jealous of her deewrani.

With the very start of the drama serial, we have seen the marriage anniversaries of both couples as two brothers are married on the same day. So, the very first scene portrays hasad which is familiar to all of us.

From the very first episode, we have seen a number of times, the envy and jealousy of Zareen towards her deewrani. She is jealous of their relationship. They way Arman cares for his wife is not letting her sleep comfortably. She leaves no stone unturned to hurt Naintara.

On the other hand, we have witnessed Arman’s love for his better half which is only to be seen in fairy tales. He always speaks to his bhabhi for behaving well with his wife however she doesn’t listen to him.

For the audience’ surprise, he is the only one who accuses his bhabhi of her wrong behavior towards his wife. Others simply ignore. He also advised his wife not to give her any chance of humiliation.

The obsession of Zareen could be understood with the fact that her husband Farhan is not like Armaan. He is completely a different person. This is the reason that she doesn’t want anyone else to enjoy the matrimonial love and pleasure which she is deprived off.

He is being portrayed as a career based man. He is only concerned to make his life better. He even forgets their anniversary while Armaan arranged a night full of affection for his wife. This was really panic for Zareen who was not willing to digest this.

It seemed she is on a mission of ‘na jiyen gy na jeeny dain gy’. Just kidding! BTW she is actually practicing this.

In another scene, she purposely plans to make Naintara late form attending dinner which was arranged by Armaan. She is burning with jealousy and wanted to ruin the night for the love birds.

The news of Naintara’s pregnancy added fuel to the fire for Zareen. The whole family members are quite excited for it except Zareen. She can’t grab that khushi.

There isn’t anything new in the drama serial. Same storyline, same plot same stereotypes. We are living in 2019 where things have progressed to a great extent. And here is our drama industry which is still stuck on stereotypes and basic concepts of 19’s.

The audience doesn’t want which has been shown. They want something new. Something unique with a message.

I don’t know what next episodes of ‘Hasad’ hold in store for the audience. If they are the same as this first episode was, then sorry the team Hasad failed to entice its audience. We are just crossing our fingers to experience something new in this drama serial.

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  1. A clear depiction of how Hasad can turn your life into hell. It not only destroys the person you have hate feelings for but it also traps you into that enmity.

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