Drawn Baby in Karachi

The case of a Drawn Baby in Karachi


Karachi News reveals that a 28 year old woman, named Shakila Rashid has admitted the crime of taking the life of her innocent baby girl by drowning her into the Karachi Sea. The baby girl was just two and a half year old.

Reasons for committing the crime

She was residing at the Golimara area of the Karachi. She further admitted the fact that too was about to die just after killing her little daughter. After being asked why she has taken such a crucial step she explain that her husband who worked in a private hospital in the city has abandoned her. Her father also refuses to provide shelter to her. She was left aloof finding no ways out to live. After being dejected by her husband and father she decided to kill her daughter and herself as well.

Police Inquiries

The body of the little girl was found by the police near Do Darya at Karachi. The woman was arrested and was taken to the court for committing such an excruciating act.

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