Dumpling Zhang Restaurant, Islamabad

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The love for Chinese food is getting so trendy and popular in Pakistan that almost all the famous cities of Pakistan are introducing Chinese flavors at a wide range.

Dumpling Zhang Restaurant

I myself have experienced a good wave of eateries that are supplying Chinese food to their customers. Whenever I heard about Chinese food there is just one spot that always dominates my mind. This eatery is located at Islamabad under the name “Dumpling Zhang”.

My first experience at this joint was beyond expectations. Just like many other people, I love to jump on the Chinese food wherever I got a chance to. So, with my friends, decided to visit Dumpling Zhang Restaurant.

I have been hearing some good reviews and receiving positive vibes from this spot, so finally made up my mind to pay a visit to this junction. And here’s what I have felt inside the spot.


  • Lush Interior
  • Perfect Ambience
  • Delectable Food
  • Spacious
  • Inviting Environment
  • Worth the money

Interior & Ambience

Coming towards its ambience and interior, trust me you will enjoy each and every minute of your visit at this spot. You won’t feel boredom for a single second. The restaurant is good at keeping up the environment and ambience.

To entertain its visitors, it offers and unforgettable dining experience to all those who love Chinese. The exterior was alluring while the interior was eye catching.

While entering the joint, we were warmly welcomed by the staff of the restaurant. Spending some hours at this eatery makes us realize that beauty still exists. The manager was quite a kind and courteous man. He treated us very politely and take care of our comforts to his best. That’s something I liked most about this junction.


So, what they have on their menu?

Apart from ambience and the courteous staff, the other thing which forced us to come back was its taste and services.

This eatery is dealing with almost all kinds of Chinese flavors and dishes. You won’t regret it while visiting this spot. The food is being prepared with some fresh and ‘exotic’ ingredients. Their ‘Eggplant with Minced Beef’ and ‘Fried Tofu with Vegetables’ is a must to try dishes of this spot.

Moreover, the taste and presentation of the food are worth the money.



It is located at F-8/1 F 8/1 F-8, Islamabad, Capital Territory.

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Dumpling Zhang Restaurant, Islamabad
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