During Winter, Gas Availability Limited to Eight-Hour Period

Muhammad Ali, the Energy Minister in charge, Reveals Restricted Winter Gas Availability: 8-Hour Daily Period

Muhammad Ali, serving as the Caretaker Energy Minister, shared concerning news regarding gas availability during the winter season, announcing its restriction to an eight-hour daily schedule due to soaring gas prices.

Clarifying further, he indicated that gas will only be accessible during morning, afternoon, and evening hours. To address this scarcity, plans for LNG gas deliveries have been set for December 2023 and January 2024.

Within Pakistan, usage stands at 30% for piped gas and 70% for reliance on wood and LPG. The minister highlighted the protection of many piped gas users from the price surge, while LPG users faced escalated expenses.

He pointed out that the price hike would impact various consumer segments differently, with some facing greater increases than others. The objective is to align gas prices more closely with the cost of LPG.

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