Shamoon Abbasi on Durj being banned in Pakistan


One of the leading directors in our film industry, Shamoon Abbasi has recently announced the reason behind the ban on his upcoming film Durj.

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According to the local media, we have been told that Durj has been banned in Pakistan by the Pakistani Censor Board.

It is important to note that Durj was destined to hit theaters in Pakistan on October 18, 2019. However, it was cancelled by the Pakistani Censor Board.

Recently, Abbasi has announced the news on his Facebook handle. He wrote “The censor board has some sort of objection and has halted the release in Pakistan for now. We are requesting the authorities for another review, and if they find anything unsuitable, we can remove it as per their request.”

Banned the film

He went on saying through another post, “Banning the film completely seems like a personal vendetta against Durj. The world censor boards have given 14 a certification to Durj, which explains that the film is viewable for kids above 13 years, then how come it is unsuitable for viewing in Pakistan, where every kind of masala movies with below the belt jokes are welcomed every year.”

Moreover, during an interview, he also discussed how strange it was. The Punjab and Sindh censor boards have actually given their approval but soon it was revoked.

“Even though the Punjab and Sindh censor boards cleared it just a few days back, it is strange how it was suddenly revoked. The certificates were issued and taken back forcefully. In fact, now people are going to cinemas and threatening the owners to take down trailers and posters. The trailers were being shown in cinemas around the country and in just one day it all went downhill.”

Explaining the details, Abbasi declared that the censor board has rejected to accept it as it is against our culture and traditions.

“Since the beginning, I have been claiming that it is a true story and that I gained inspiration for Durj from two cannibal brothers in Punjab. The film is not even gory or bloody and the Sindh censor board cleared it without deleting any scenes, while only two scenes were muted by the Punjab censor board according to the distribution company.”

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