Eating Oranges Vs Drinking Orange Juice.

Eating Oranges Vs Drinking Orange Juice.


Which is Best for Health?

Pakistani fresh oranges are easily available from the market. Another option is to buy Orange Juice (OJ) which is available everywhere. Oranges, a member of the citrus family, are a valuable source of dietary fibre and of course Vitamin C.

Start Your Day with Glass of Orange Juice:

We believe that all people would love to start their day with a nice glass of cold orange juice, because it is not only very tasty, it is good for your health. Oranges are filled with many nutrients, including B-vitamins, like B1, vitamin A, calcium, potassium and folate, to name some. Furthermore, they are also filled with caretnoids and flavanoids.

Fresh Orange Vs Drinking Orange Juice

However, the debate continues whether it is more beneficial to eat a fresh orange versus drinking orange juice. We will take a look into this issue. However, clear thinking will immediately convince us that a fresh orange would be much healthier than the orange juice which comes refined in a tetra carton.

Control of Blood Sugar Level:

A whole orange is filled with high fibre which assists to clean our intestines and to sustain good bowel movements. Besides this, the high fibre volume helps in regulating the high sugar-load in the orange which in turn prevents the increasing of the blood sugar level.

It also makes sense that drinking a glass of OJ, won’t be as filling as eating an orange. It helps to curb your appetite and assist you not to eat a rich meal filled with a lot of calories later. Furthermore, the pulp of an orange is filled with micro nutrients, which contains abilities to reduce inflammation, which is not found in many juices.

 Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders

According to research, oranges have the ability to assist in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders and certain cancers. When orange juice is processed and refined, its nutritional content diminishes while some nutrients are totally destroyed.

However, the pro-orange juice people hold the opinion that the nutritional value of the juice is equal to that of a fresh orange. It is a fact that when the juice from fruit is refined into a carton the value in nutrition will decrease. Although, some companies confirm that their juice is 100 percent pure, there is no proof that it is, even if less preservatives and additives had been added.

It is important to acknowledge that many juices can have a higher value of Vitamin-C in comparison with the whole orange, due to the fact that it is artificially added. Furthermore, some juices may contain pulp, but do not contain other fibrous sugars and some flavanoids.

Best Substitute of Fizzy Drinks:

On the other hand, it is also true that when drinking the juice, the nutrients are more accessible to the body, while it has to work through the fibre in the whole fruit to obtain it. Furthermore, there is no doubt that orange juice has a much higher sugar content than the fresh fruit. This might not be helpful when you are dieting in a quest to lose weight. However, it is also proved after many researches that it is a much better option than fizzy drinks.

We guess it is up to you to choose your preference, but we think that a healthier approach will definitely be more beneficial to your body and now you can chose the best for your daily life.

However, it is not our motive to discourage you from drinking your orange juice. Nowadays everything we consume is either artificially made or processed and we advise you to try the most holistic path, whenever possible. The main problem is whatever you take in must be 100% natural either juice or fresh orange.

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