Educational Institutions in Punjab to Stay Shut on Saturdays Until January

Lahore, the capital of Punjab, has recently gained the title of the most polluted city globally. To address the severe smog issue, the Lahore High Court, guided by Justice Shahid Karim, has directed the closure of all educational institutions on Saturdays until the end of January.

This decision requires the administration to promptly issue official notifications for the closure of schools on Saturdays. Simultaneously, the government is contemplating the adoption of a two-day work-from-home policy as a strategic response to mitigate the impact of heightened pollution levels.

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, the LHC has not only mandated school closures but has also directed the provincial environment department to take decisive action against officials who fail to effectively address the pervasive smog crisis.”This emphasizes the severity of the environmental challenge and holds authorities accountable for implementing measures to mitigate its impact.

As an immediate step in pollution control, the LHC has enforced a one-week mandatory mask-wearing mandate throughout the province. This rapid and decisive measure is intended to safeguard public health by minimizing exposure to harmful air pollutants.

These multifaceted measures reflect a comprehensive approach adopted by local authorities in Lahore to combat unprecedented pollution levels. It underscores a commitment to both public health and environmental sustainability, recognizing the interconnected nature of the difficulties posed by the surge in pollution levels in the city. The circumstance in Lahore highlights the broader global issue of urban pollution and the need for proactive measures to address its adverse impacts on health and the environment.

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