Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 02 Review


With the first episode, which went on air last Sunday, Ehd-e-Wafa was unsuccessful in catching the audience’s attraction. Things seemed a little bit over exaggerated.

People complained that this serial is not portraying the real meanings of the cadet life hence, all the charm of the cadet life is lost in this drama serial. Some were seemed complaining about the age of the SSG boys, while others were simply commenting upon their beard styles and haircuts.

However, this week’s episode brings some hope and excitement as the plot takes a real twist and the story of the drama serial becomes more exciting and enjoying.

SSG boys

This episode starts with usual day parade and the SSG boys were expecting that now they have to bear the brunt of what they had done to Khursheed last night. However, the principal only punished Khursheed and they were set free. Each one of them seemed surprised and guess that Khursheed has not revealed their names. Later on, Khursheed confirmed that he has talked to his father and he is going to talk to the principal about last night.

This thought of going again at the principal’s office is making them worried. However, they have their leader Shahzain with them who possesses a mastermind.

Zara Noor Abbas as Rani

On the other hand, Zara Noor Abbas as Rani is once again making everyone laugh from the core of their hearts. Her brilliant performance in front of her mother makes her a real ‘Dramy baz’. We are truly appreciating her efforts which she is putting in portraying her role.

Coming back to the SSG, during Urdu class, Shahzain becomes the laughing stock in the class when he was unable to guess the poet whose poetry was written on the white board. Suddenly, they were called by the principal. And deep inside they know what is going to happen.

After reaching the principal’s office, SSG tried to emotionally blackmail their principal but it was useless. Saad tried to give examples form the past philosophers. Hence, Shariq also participated and so did Sheharyar. Then comes Shahzain. His example of Newton’s First World War creates a lot of humor like with so innocent face he explained to the principal how Newton manages to fight the battle.

Moreover, they claimed that Sir Firdous and his son are plotted against them as they refused Khursheed to enter into their gang. However, Firdous confirmed that they are laying as they did in the past about Saad’s mother’s birthday. After confirming that they have lied, principal ordered Firdous to call their parents. However, he didn’t mean it. He was only making them afraid.

In the later part of the episode, we have been introduced to Dua (Alizeh Shah). While running at the mall road, Saad accidently collided with Alizeh and damaged her cake. He seemed to fall in love with her from the very moment he saw her. Shahzain accompanies him and they started discussing her.

In the last few minutes, Shahzain manages to find out the name and address of the girl Saad fell in love with.

Well, this week’s episode was full of humor and excitement. Fans are curious to know what is going to happen next. But most importantly, just like the last episode, Zara Noor Abbas has once again won the hearts of her fans after so brilliant performance or to say after portraying the role of a true ‘Dramy baz’.

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