Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 03 Review


Ehd-e-Wafa is getting serious and people are more curious to know what is going to happen with the SSG boys. The boys are not giving up on anything. They are ready to take all the risks to introduce Saad with his ladylove Dua.

The episode starts with Shariq and Sheheryar asking Shahzain and Saad to explain to them what they were doing all night. Saad is all lost in the thoughts of Dua and recalls the time when he first met her during his school days.

Shahzain explained to them that Saad is a true lover as he falls in love with ‘Bhabhi’ almost a year ago. They tease him and then planned about having fun outside with eating fish.

On the other hand, Dua’s cousin seemed to be possessive about her. He asked her if she could recognize the person who has misbehaved with him. He then takes Dua and his sister along with him for ice cream.

Shariq was all busy buying ice creams for his friends when he recognized that it’s his ‘Bhabhi’ who is buying ice cream. He immediately arrived there to inform them and everybody seemed excited to see her.

Dua’s cousin went for another rice cream and taking advantage of the chance, Shahzain and Sheheryar just approached her and started explaining to her about their friend and hoe deeply he is in love with her.

They keep on talking when Saad arrived and tried to shut them. However, they were not going to be but soon Dua’s cousin saw all this and created a fuss. He grabbed Saad from his neck and during all this, police arrived at the scene.

Sheheryar and Shahzain escaped

Both Sheheryar and Shahzain escaped the scene leaving Saad all alone. Police arrested them. The family approached the police station and they started blaming Saad for this ‘Badmashi’.

This was a pathetic moment for Saad. He hasn’t done anything and still suffering punishment for this. Everybody’s tense at the hostel and the news was informed to the warden Firdous as well. He approached the station and settled the matter.

On arriving back at the hostel, he asked her to name her friends who were with him but Saad is not revealing. The worst part happened when the principal called their parents and they are to face it now.

Shariq received a lot of punishment for what he has done by his mother. He belongs to a middle class family. Shahzain’s father seemed to be a ‘Zameendar’ and he is not surprised to hear what his son has done. His reaction was rather entertaining.

Saad, on the other hand, was quite ashamed of what he and his friends have done. He was unable to face his father. However, his father only explained to him that he himself has a young sister how he could do this to other girls. He ends up disappointed by him and Saad started crying when his father leaves.

The drama serial is getting a serious turn day after day. Let see what is going to happen next with these SSG boys.

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