Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 14 Review


Ehd-e-Wafa has entertained the audience of Pakistan with its humor and seriousness at the same time. We have seen the lives of the SSG boys have completely changed after they parted ways.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 14 Review

Well, the story of Ehd-e-Wafa is getting its roots and the plot development is driving the fans of the show crazy. In the recent episode, we have witnessed the engagement ceremony of Shahzain and Rani. Shahzain is all upset because of his friends’ behavior towards him.

Rani called him and congratulated him on the engagement. She asked him to express his feelings and he refused saying that he is quite upset because of his gathering. However, he asked her when they are getting married and she replied unless her parents do not find a sweet girl like her for her brother.

One of the interesting things that happened in this week’s episode was Dua’s family and their decisions. Dua’s cousin has found her sitting in the park with Saad. He really gets offended and asked Dua to immediately leave the place. Dua went in anger. Her cousin asked her to stop talking to Saad as her parents are deciding to fix her engagement with Raheel.

Dua is all disturbed to hear all this. She went straight to her parents and told them each and every detail about Saad. She blamed Raheel for everything, for the mess that he has created in Murree. She told them that it was Raheel who has misbehaved with Saad and his friends.

Her cousin agreed that Saad and his friends weren’t misbehaving with them. Everybody gets angry at Raheel. Dua made it clear that Saad is only her friend and nothing else. And she also told her family that she would never agree to marry Raheel as she doesn’t like him in that sense.

Dua promised her family

Raheel is not ready to hear rejection. He said that she is rejecting him because there is something going on between her and Saad. Dua promised her family that she has no relation with Saad except being a good friend. She even asked them that if they want then she won’t talk to Saad from now onwards. After saying this, she left the place and went into her room.

She sends him an audio message and discussed in detail what has happened in her house. She told him that she has disclosed their friendship in front of her family. And that from now onwards she won’t be able to contact him. However. She asked him that she will meet him exactly where they have left now, in the park.

Dua is a very intelligent and focused girl

Saad is very disturbed to hear this. He doesn’t know how to react. His mother arrives and asked him what is the problem which is disturbing him. She shared Dua’s voice note with her. Her mother explained to him that Dua is a very intelligent and focused girl. She is asking you to be independent and strong and to focus on your career.

She told him that Dua is absolutely right in all her words and Saad gets a little relaxed. He texts her back saying that he is proud of her. While sitting with her father, Dua explained to him why she has done this. His father said that he is actually relaxed to know that his daughter can decide what is good or bad for herself.

Well, we don’t know where destiny will hold them from now. We can only hope the best end for both Dua and Saad.

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Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 14 Review
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