jeep tumbles into a ravine

Eight members of a family died as jeep tumbles into a ravine


Kohistan: Eight members of a family died on the spot when their jeep suddenly fell into the ravine on Thursday.

As per the initial reports, a total of 12 members of the same family was on their route to Kamila from Seo. The terrible incident happened when their jeep tumbles into the ravine causing the death of at least 8 family members, while other got severe injuries.

The wounded ones have been shifted to the nearby Hospital Dasu. It is also reported that women and minors were among the deceased. The deceased are being sent for the post mortem.

The police officials revealed that as soon as the incident happened, rescue sources immediately rushed towards the spot in order to help out the ill-fated family. However, it is getting difficult for the rescue sources to get people out owing to the darkness in the ravine.

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