“Elon Musk Announces Upcoming Capability for Cybertruck to Function as a Boat”

Recently, Elon Musk unveiled plans for an upcoming modification to Tesla’s Cybertruck, enabling it to navigate at least 100 meters of water, essentially transforming it into a boat. Musk disclosed this anticipated feature in response to a user’s post.

The inspiration for this innovation arose from a segment on “Jay Leno’s Garage,” where Lars Moravy, Tesla’s VP of vehicle engineering, suggested that the Cybertruck could be adapted to function as a watercraft. Moravy pointed out that with some added buoyancy, the Cybertruck displays a quasi-floating capability, and imaginative users could even affix an outboard motor for boating adventures.

Despite the Cybertruck’s initial unveiling in 2019, deliveries commenced only in late November, and its distinct design has elicited both praise and criticism. Musk, addressing potential hurdles, acknowledged the challenges during Tesla’s recent earnings calls in October.

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