Elon Musk claims he’s buying Twitter to ‘help humanity’

Elon Musk guarantees that he is purchasing Twitter to “help humankind” as the very rich person set out his holds back nothing the online entertainment stage.

In a tweet, Mr Musk said he didn’t buy the firm “to get more cash-flow. I did it to attempt to assist mankind, whom I with loving”.

The business person has until Friday to finish a $44bn (£38bn) takeover of Twitter or hazard going to preliminary.

The tweet addressed to Twitter’s publicists expresses that he has “gained” the firm.

In any case, there has been no authority affirmation that the arrangement has been finished.

Recently, Mr Musk distributed a video of himself strolling into Twitter’s central command conveying a sink, raising hypothesis about his goes for the gold.

“Entering Twitter HQ – let that hit home!” Mr Musk composed.

In business speech, “kitchen sinking” signifies making an extreme move at an organization, however it isn’t clear in the event that this was Mr Musk’s message – he likewise refreshed his Twitter bio to peruse “boss joke”.

In his most recent tweet, Mr Musk put forth out a portion of his objectives for the organization, saying that Twitter should be “warm and inviting for all”.

He composed that he needed “civilization to have a typical computerized town square” yet he denies the stage will adopt an anything-goes strategy.

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