Emporium Mall Lahore

Fashion Shopping Mall

The concept of shopping malls is trending in Pakistan. With this new concept, people are more inclined to visit one specific location to grab their desired items instead of wondering from place to place. This is time consuming as well.

Different companies in Pakistan are spending a handsome amount for the building of these shopping malls. Emporium Mall stands one of them.


It was established in 2016. After celebrating its opening ceremony on 30th June 2016, three years ago, the mall becomes and ultimate visiting site for the Pakistanis and especially the Lahoris.


The mall was established by The Nishat Group which is working under the leadership of Mian Muhammad Mansha.


It is a 13-storey building containing more than 200 stores. The building is possessed by a decent and latest interior structure and decor.  It has been considered as one of the largest shopping malls in Pakistan. However, with the construction of Lucky One Mall in Karachi, it was put on the second largest shopping malls in Pakistan.


A lot of brands, companies, and stores are working under one roof. Almost 4000 people visited this restaurant daily according to the mall’s website details.

Emporium Mall is indeed an ultimate shopping spot for the people.

Universal Cinema

Emporium Mall is also famous for providing quality entertainment to its visitors. Universal Cinema by Emporium is famous among the masses. Moreover, they are giving discount tickets for students as well.  

Easy and comfortable seats

Management and services are excellent. You can watch an uninterrupted movie. The environment is unique as well. Unlike other cinemas, you’ll express no rush or noisy environment inside the cinema which will help you in enjoying your show easily.


It has a variety of restaurants to make your visiting experience even more enchanting and superb. These restaurants include Bundu Khan, Five Star, Burger King, California Pizza, Bombay Chowpatty, MacDonald, platter junction, Second Cup, Texas Chicken and many more.


Different brands in Pakistan are advertising their products at different locations. You can almost witness all the brands at this mall. From Limelight to Zara Shahjahan, the mall has all in one. You can visit Warda, Khaadi, Nishat Linen, Limelight, Chen one, Mantra, Sapphire, Bonanza, Borjan, Breakout, By The Way, Origins, Threads and Motifs, Outfitters, Pepperland, Shirt and tie shop, Monark, Nike, etc. etc.

Prayer Room

The prayer rooms have been constructed separately for men and women.


It is located at Adjacent to Lahore International Expo Centre، Abdul Haque Rd, Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab.

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