Technology Revolutionized

How Technology Revolutionized, Entry Test Preparatory Institutes in Pakistan


I remember the days of our college in 2003 when everyone wishes to get admission in the best medical colleges and engineering universities. The most difficult part was very high merit, a filter which could be very painful for many as at the end of the process only a few successful candidates will get the admission. Well, only a few were successful because all universities have limited seats and only a specific number of students can get the admissions. The key to entry is only to clear entry test which is taken in the form of MDCAT for medical colleges, ECAT for engineering colleges and many other universities take test according to their own standard procedure. Initially, there were only two institute as entry test preparatory schools named KIPS and Star Academy both working since 2001 but limited to the students related to Lahore & Karachi only. With the passage of time, the demand related to these services increased but only KIPS and Star Academy were there to cater and maybe few other institutes limited to their jurisdiction.

Till 2015 KIPS & Star Academy created a monopoly in the market of test preparatory institutes, then STEP by PGC entered the market and gave a new direction to this industry as their idea was different because they were offering more than just offering traditional test preparatory tools like coaching classes. They offered a whole bank of thousands of questions on their smartphone application so that students can attempt while sitting at home. This was a game changer for the whole test preparatory industry. The biggest benefit was that students were reaching the authentic content on a single tap on the smartphone. The STEP was offering the content online not only to prepare students for the entry tests but was also giving them the opportunity to evaluate themselves through performance management tools being offered in the online application, which was making them independent in all ways.

Another reason to join STEP was that they were offering preparatory sessions in their huge network of colleges by the name of Punjab College which was operating in the remote areas of Punjab mostly, but in comparison to that KIPS & Star Academy were offering these services on limited locations and hopeful candidates grabbed the opportunity and started attempting online exercises and joining convenient locations.

After this major shift in the trend, KIPS also offered smartphone application by the name of KIPS LMS which included the facilities and benefits same as STEP with just a minor difference of content. This converted a monopoly into direct competition, making people think that which institute or online facility to join? This whole scenario created a direct impact on the overall performance of the candidates, which was definitely improved by new tools and facilities.

With time more and more organizations are joining the show with new unique and beneficial tools to help the youth of our nation to get admissions into the best institutes of Pakistan and we hope that this will keep on improving in the future also.

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