Estidama Mosque in Abu Dhabi: A Sustainable Oasis, Utilizing 50% Less Energy and Preserving 48% More Water.

A new mosque in Abu Dhabi, called Estidama Mosque, is getting attention for being eco-friendly. It’s the first mosque in Masdar City, a place in the UAE known for caring about the environment. This mosque is special because it’s much better at saving energy – more than 50% better than regular mosques.

One cool thing about Estidama Mosque is that it has solar panels on the roof of the nearby parking area. These panels use sunlight to create power for the mosque. This is a great way to use clean energy and helps Masdar City in its goal of using more green energy.

Not only is the mosque good with energy, but it’s also careful with water. It saves almost half the water compared to other mosques. They even have a system to reuse water for watering the plants around the mosque. This helps in not wasting water.

Estidama Mosque is set to get a special certification for being super environmentally friendly. The people who built it worked hard to make sure it’s good for the environment in the UAE, and it follows the country’s rules for saving water.

This mosque is more than just a place for prayer. It shows that Masdar City cares about its community, faith, and taking care of the Earth. It can hold 335 people for each prayer, making it a space that’s not just eco-friendly but also meaningful.

The design of the mosque is smart – it uses natural ways to keep cool without using too much energy. Things like skylights, special screens, and good insulation help in using less power.

Masdar City’s leaders, including Mohamed Al Breiki and Ahmed Baghoum, were part of the opening ceremony, showing how important this mosque is for promoting good environmental practices.

Looking forward, Masdar City plans to build another mosque, even bigger, that doesn’t use any extra energy. This shows they’re serious about making their buildings good for the environment. Many other projects in Masdar City are also working towards using clean energy.

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