Euro-Asia Cup in England: Butt

Najam Sethi, PCB’s head, suggests hosting Asia Cup in England.
Salman Butt, former Pakistani cricketer, opposes hosting Asia Cup in England. He believes that a neutral venue would contradict the purpose of the tournament, which aims to represent the Asian continent.
Salman Butt said that England is not suitable for the Asia Cup because it is a neutral venue.

He further stated that hosting a tournament that represents Asia but is held outside of Asia would not make sense.

Salman Butt proposed the idea of hosting a Euro-Asia Cup that includes England, Ireland, and the Netherlands. He suggested making it a ten-team tournament with six Asian teams and four European countries, similar to the Austral-Asia Cup. According to Butt, this event could serve as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup.

Butt emphasized the importance of considering practical feasibility alongside generating ideas. He stressed the need to strike a balance between creative proposals and realistic possibilities.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 16 May, 2023.

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