European Union will participate in the effective debate session over the Kashmir issue


In the occupied Kashmir the human rights are being violated by Indian Army. The Government of India is not giving the basic human rights to the people of occupied Kashmir.

The curfew of 28 days can kill the people at huge level. There is shortage of food, medicines. There is no proper communication system and internet available.

The so long curfew can bring the disaster on a massive level. Majority of people in the Kashmir are claiming that they cannot accept anything other than the freedom.

The issue of Kashmir can be resolved only if people are given freedom, nothing can be exchanged against the freedom of people. The people in the occupied Kashmir never ever wanted to be part of Indian Union they want freedom.

The cruel Indian government has imposed disgusting law of public safety and it is not a thing which can be accepted at any level.  Curfew and lockdown cannot stop the people of Kashmir to come on the road and participate in the protest session.

It is also reported, the Indian government and the Indian army men killed more than 20 people in occupied Kashmir since the month of August 2019. Kids are also included in this dreadful figure.

The foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, European Union will participate in the effective debate session over the Kashmir issue. Inshallah Modi will face the insult once again on the international level.

Another important thing to note is, on Tuesday 3 September, 2019 there will be a historical protest in front of Indian high commission. Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi added while talking to media soon they will be starting a “signature campaign” in favor of Kashmir. We will keep showing our solidarity with Kashmiris.

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