Ex-cricketers have issue with Babar Azam: Rashid Latif.

Rashid Latif, a former Pakistan cricketer, has come out in support of current captain Babar Azam. Azam has been facing criticism and backlash for his captaincy, but Latif has voiced his support for him.

Former “superstar” cricketers in Pakistan are reportedly unhappy with the current captain of the national team. They have allegedly been making efforts to remove him from the captaincy by using their connections within the cricket board.
According to him, the problem in Pakistan cricket is not with Babar Azam’s captaincy but with his power. Some former superstar cricketers in the country have allegedly been using their connections within the cricket board to remove Babar as the captain.

He praised Babar Azam’s batting skills and called him one of the greatest cricketers of all time. The 54-year-old also expressed his admiration for Babar’s talent.

Rashid praised Babar Azam’s batting abilities, stating that he has already scored countless centuries and will be remembered as one of the greatest cricketers in history when he retires. He also mentioned that Babar’s century-making skills are routine, much like their work of covering shows.
Despite Babar Azam’s excellent performance for the Pakistan team, some people are still trying to undermine his captaincy. In response, Latif warned those individuals to stop their attempts.

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Latif stated that the people trying to remove Babar Azam from captaincy should stop as he is unremovable. According to him, Babar’s exceptional technique, shot selection, and balance on the pitch have made him an outstanding player.

Latif mentioned that Babar Azam is already responding to his detractors through his excellent performance with the bat, but some people seem to be unable to understand this. He concluded by asking whether Babar should start hitting his critics with his bat to make his point.

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