‘Ex-governments’ corruption caused tension with the military,’ PM Imran Khan


Davos: According to the recent sources, PM Imran Khan is on a three-day visit to Switzerland to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

‘Ex-governments’ corruption caused tension with the military

During an interview with the International Media Council on Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan has shared the causes of the military support that his government has been receiving.

He made it clear that the previous governments were corrupt and always used foul means to gain favors. They wanted to control the military forces because deep inside they know that military supports id very crucial.

Moreover, there were differences between the military forces and the previous governments because they knew that the military would not tolerate the corrupt leaders.

He said, “The reason why the previous clashes used to take place was that the civilian leadership always wanted to control the military because they were scared and vulnerable because the military always knew the extent of corruption that was being done.”

Constant military support

He also cleared how his government has constant military support. He said that from the very first day, his intensions were clear. He doesn’t use any foul means to gain favors and this is way almost every institute supports him and his government.

“My foreign policy which I am following is completely supported by all institutions, including the military, simply because they believe that we are in the right direction,” the prime minister added.

Moreover, he also discussed his relationship with the neighboring countries. He informed the audience that there are no fears of war between Pakistan and India for now.

However, he urged the international community to help defuse tension between Pakistan and Indian regarding the Kashmir matter.

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