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Eye Shadow choice according to your skin color


Girls! Are you really stuck between hundreds of eye shades and can’t decide what to apply for tonight’s event? Don’t worry the hours of tension have gone now as I am going to give you the best suggestions about your eye shadow selection according to your skin color.

On an eye shadow palette, we see multiple displays of the colors. But we apply only two or three by skipping all other colors. But guess what? The shades that we normally skip finding them unnecessary can prove to be the most flattering ones that can completely change your look by giving it quite an elegant touch.

Here are some of the tips for the selection of eye shadows according to your skin color.

Fair Complexion

Fair Complexion

Fair skin is the top most desired complex as it carries every color in itself giving you quite a gorgeous look. However the antique bronze color is the one that suits the most among the rest. It is beneficial for warming up the yellow undertones of fair complexion.

If you aren’t a frequent eye shadow-wearer, then make sure that the formula that you are purchasing should blends effortlessly so that it won’t look as being messed up.

Tan skin color

Usually, people having tan skin complexion are more anxious about the choice of the eye shadows than others. According to the renowned makeup artists a shimmering gold color would be perfect on being applied on tan skin.

It will work as a highlighter too. So, it’s a double edged tool, working as two in one! What else you want?

Medium-dark skin

For a medium-dark skin complexion, cranberry is neutral to be applied. By investing in a warm berry shade you can earn a lot of appreciation and style for the evening for your glowing and brightening facial look.

Dark skin

One of the popular makeup up artists, Nick Barose says that a rose-gold shade comes out quite a luxe on dark skin. “But it’ll look edgier if it has a strong, orange tone to it.”

Dark complexion is no problem now. You can even shine through dark complexion by only mixing a good range of colors that you haven’t tried yet.

Have you found it beneficial? Do let us know.

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