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Face App, An AI Based Photo Editor Thrilled Millions On the Internet but Photo Library Access Raised Questions About Privacy


The artificial intelligence-based photo app is getting viral all over the internet. It is one of the top trending iOS apps on iTunes App Store Facebook users, Instagram users, Twitter users, and other social media apps user are uploading their imaginative pictures happily. They are sharing with their friends and in closed circles but they are not aware of the fact about the privacy issue.

FaceApp first launched in 2007 but it did not get so much popularity at that time. Now, with added features it is getting special appreciation from the “selfie lovers” and you know billions of people consider it a good time spending hobby.

New Age Filter Did the Magic:

App’s owners reported. this app is completely safe and gaining a lot of popularity in a very short time after adding the stunning new feature of age filter.

Does it Hurt the Privacy of Users?

If you install the app then it asks permission to have access over the photo library. It is raising a lot of privacy questions. Do you want to sell your pictures without any due consideration to the third party?  Do you want someone has full right over your personal photos? These photos could be of yourself or your dear ones.

Some persons claimed it has nothing to do with background working with your camera . But, it is fact the camera roll gets access in background to pick up photos for editing. You can watch the given video for explanation:

How Long Can Cloud-Based Serves Retain the Data?

According to the terms and conditions of FaceApp, the content of

Users remain in the cloud-based servers as any user performs editing on the photos. But most of the data is deleted after 48 hours. Please note most of the data and it did not mention “all the data”.

Is it Necessary to Give Our Personal Name to App?

According to the Goncharov its, not necessary to give your own name or personal email and almost 99% users prefer to use it without name or email. So, it has much flexibility.

Check some celebrities’ tweets about it:

Who Can Access to Your Data?

Goncharov said we don’t sell users’ content to third parties even the permission is taken before installing. The app’s developers are based in Russia and the Russian government is not going to have any access to the photos for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Can I Delete Data After Removal the FaceApp?

If any user deletes the FaceApp, then it does not mean all the photos from the cloud servers will be deleted automatically. That could be the alarming situation basically.

If someone wants to delete the photos permanently, then he or she must send the personal request. This option is still in the settings section after clicking the bug report then privacy option.

You Can also check out the video which will help you to know the 5 important questions before installing the app:


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