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Facebook Alert – “Key to Self-Destruction”

Logical Analysis

All Facebook users will know how distinctively useful this Social Medium can be for many different reasons. Here you can keep in touch with people and see what is happening in their lives, without contacting them directly. You can update your status on a daily basis if you want and then there are the numerous photo-shopped photographs!


However, as with everything else in life, Facebook has its pro’s and cons too, although many people are rather unaware of. It can be dangerous for some people, especially those who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety and depression.




Here are some of the reasons:


  1. Addictive Behavior Make Us Lazy:


When multi-purpose smart phones, with its high speed, came into our lives, with it came a simple path to compulsive behavior. An average person scrutinizes his/her smart phones approximately one hundred and fifty times on a daily basis and many of these are devoted to check out Facebook.

It became such a part of some people’s lives that even during the time they are not online, they already think about their new status update or about the new photo they want to post.

Like any other type of habitual compulsive behavior, it becomes addictive. Furthermore, it obstructs many people not to participate in other type of activities.

  1. Facebook Could Be the Trigger of Anxiety or depression. 

Whether you have a great life or how good you feel about yourself, it takes only one look at your Facebook and you are convinced that everyone else is having a greater time or everyone else is upstaging you.

Facebook can be the final blow if you feel inferior to others or if you are already vulnerable! Wonderful and sparkling lives are mirrored back at you. However, beware… this mirror is false!

When you look at your Facebook page and tend to look at the number of friends others persons have or comparing yourself to a beautiful photo of another girl, you are diminishing yourself to nothing. This is often the trigger for anxiety or depression.

  1. Whom You Make Fool? 

Do you love to take selfies? Well, take notice because you can be busy with something very dangerous. During 2015, more people got killed while taking selfies than those bitten in shark attacks. Yes, this is true!

After numerous attempts, you may have a perfect selfie. Yet it is not good enough, you spend more than 30 minutes in making it more perfect. Change your eye color, get the perfect skin tone or alter the background. Who are you fooling? Well, we think you fool yourself because this is an unrealistic and false version of how you really look!

  1. Facebook can cause total self-destruction 

If you are a person who loves other persons’ approval or if you seek some recognition, you are at the right place, indeed. For your pleasure, Facebook is the perfect place.

However, this will only work for a short period of time. Maybe 65 likes or more on your photo can make you feel happy for a short while. Nonetheless, the feelings you have deep inside of yourself, won’t be changed.

We came to the conclusion that Facebook can be a great advantage to some people, while for others it can cause total self-destruction. This will depend on the way you make use of it

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