Facebook Will Be Telling You Why a Particular Ad Is Targeting You


According to Facebook users will be able to see more information regarding the ads which is visible on this social network.

Facebook, the globe’s biggest social media platform, has disclosed that a sequence of updates will be implemented, which will answer the question, why you are seeing a specific ad?

It is the company’s objective to bring greater control and transparency to its users regarding the ads. Now you will be able to tell Facebook when you don’t like a specific add and that you don’t want to see it again in the future.

More details will be showed to you about a specific ad which is targeting you. This could be based upon the categories which matched your browsing on Facebook or your interest.

You will also be able to see on which ads you recently clicked on Facebook.

In this section, it will also reveal from which source the information came, which include data brokers.

Every user will be able to control the ads and can choose which ones they want to view and which not.

They will also have the ability to completely decline the ads of a specific advertiser.

On Facebook, under Ad Preferences, a tab ‘Advertisers and Businesses’ was added.  This will display which 3rd party data brokers had uploaded lists which contain your personal identifying details.

However, there is no need to worry about any data leakage. The idea is straightforward; a dress shop could be included within a broker’s list which has uploaded email addresses of customers. This details if then used to earmark ads on Facebook.

However, TechCrunch has beforehand indicated that Facebook is designing a feature which will reveal when a data-broker list is used by an advertiser.

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How to opt-out?

Opting out from certain data brokers depend on you, by doing the following: Visit: Settings – Ad Preferences – Advertisers & Businesses – Businesses who have uploaded & shared a list with your info – Tap on the company name – Privacy options.

However, it is clear that it is impossible to discard all ads. However, using these new tools will enable you to have control over the type of ads you want to view on your timeline instead of viewing everything that may not interest you.

Facebook started working on its advertisement policies after its abusement regarding the interference in the US electoral processes; referring to the Russian discriminatory housing and game ads.

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