Facebook will take action about posts on Misleading Health Claims

Facebook Inc stated that it will be taking some crucial measures to reduce the promotion campaigns of products which are based upon deceptive health-related claims.

The social media giant announced that during last month it rolled out two updates in an attempt to reduce posts which contain sensational or exaggerated health claims.

The company stated that actions will be taken to decrease posts which make affirmations of some ‘miracle cure’ as well as against posts which are aimed to promote services or products on health-related claims, for example, a tablet to lose weight.

Pressure on Facebook to Take down fake health News:

Currently, Facebook and its peers worldwide, are experiencing growing pressure to get rid of misinformation and fake news on its platforms. In recent media reports, the spread of deceptive health claims was emphasized as a concern.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook and YouTube, as per earlier reports, were full of damaging information regarding health treatments.

Travis Yeh, Facebook’s product manager stated, they know people dislike spammy and sensational posts. He added, the deceptive health content is especially bad for the community.

Facebook said, this serious update won’t have a major influence on the news feed of its users. But the fact is, millions of posts appear on timeline of Facebook daily basis. Let’s see how does Facebook manage the misleading content?

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