Fahad Mustafa opposed the trend of screening drama finales in cinemas


Recently, Fahad Mustafa, the famous actor, and the host has opposed the trend of screening drama finales in cinemas.

The trend started after the final episode of the blockbuster drama serial ‘Meray Pass Tum Ho’ was screened in cinemas all over Pakistan. Following this trend, different makers of the hit drama serials have also started screening the last episode of the drama serial in cinemas.

Recently, Fahad Mustafa has attended a YouTube Web Talk Show where he shared his views regarding the screening of the final episodes in cinemas. He revealed how drama and film are two different things and one must not mix them.

Fahad is of the view that we must make more and more films rather than showing TV content in the cinemas. After doing that we are actually stepping back.

He said, “We should focus on making good films. To be honest, we have worked immensely hard in the last four to five years to reach a certain level where our films can record strong earnings. So, we need to continue this thing rather than going to step back.”

He cleared that he would not even appreciate his own drama serial being played in the cinemas.

It is pertinent to note that Fahad Mustafa is recently busy in the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad’. In this film, he will be seeing opposite Mahira Khan.

The upcoming film is directed by Nabeel Qureshi and is destined to hit theaters on Eid-ul-Fits this year.

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