Faisal Qureshi’s humble request to those who are giving donations to the poor community


Apart from showing us his excellent acting skills as an actor through various drama serials, Faisal Qureshi has proved that he is an excellent human being as well.

We have always seen him standing with the right no matter what it costs being on the right side. This time, Faisal Qureshi comes up with a very strong social message or rather a request to those who are interested in giving donations to the poor community.

He is of the view that the rich should have to be responsible for their acts. They should realize that clicking pictures while donating something does really hurt the feelings of the ones who have been receiving. They are doing it out of poverty but to viral their pictures on social media is not something right.

Faisal took to his twitter handle and wrote,

“Khudara imdad karty waqt picture ya video na bnayien kuch aisy log hain jo majburi ki wja sy yeah madad hasil kar rahy hain.”

He went on advising the rich ones that “Logon ki majburi ko publicity stunt na bnayien.”

He concluded his post with a strong comment saying, “Aur ye waqt bari zalim chez hy.”

It is important to note that the coronavirus lockdown has resulted in the increase of hunger among so many families across the country. Those who are in power shoould help those who are really in need of financial support.

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