Famous Children’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Famous Children’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan


Kids Fashion

Kids Fashion and their exceptional accessories are equally in line with the men’s and women’s clothing trends. Parents in this era are very keen to make their children look the best and elegant among the rest.

Famous Children’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

There are multiple Famous Children’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan that are working day and night to bring some innovative ideas and trends in Kids’ wear. However, a lot of people remained unaware of the newly begin fashion brands that deal with Kids Clothing in Pakistan.

Kids fashion brands

There is no need to get confused or worry about it. Keeping in mind the growing interest of people in the Kids fashion brands and their dressing styles, the team LogicalBaat has very keenly searched for all those brands that are working to set trends for the children.

Top 7 Kids fashion brands in Pakistan

Below, we have curated the Top 7 Kids fashion brands in Pakistan that are dealing with all kinds of kids’ wear. Though there are multiple kids fashion brands in Pakistan, these are those brands that we considered best for you and your children.

Hopscotch Pakistan—Kids Clothing

In Pakistan, Hopscotch was established back in 2014. Ever since the brand has become so popular among the masses regarding kids’ fashion trends and their clothing. Offering a huge variety of kids wear, this brand guarantees the stuff and its quality.

Children’s Clothing Hopscotch

Every day, we are witnessing newer and newer fashion styles and trends that are primarily set for the children. If you are ever wondering to choose a perfect brand for Children’s Clothing, then Hopscotch is the best option.

The brand offers clothes for children ages 0-12 years. There are ready to wear clothes available for babies, girls, and boys as well.

Below is the list of baby clothing items that you can grab from this fashion brand,

  • Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Frocks
  • Rompers
  • Jumpsuits

Leisure Club—Kids Clothing

Leisure Club is another big fashion brand after Hopscotch that is dealing in children’s clothing in Pakistan. This fashion brand is hailed for its perfect finishing and some outstanding prints and designs in kidswear.

It can be your ultimate solution to all problems while shopping for your kids. You can seek all kinds of latest fashion trends from the Leisure Club.

Leisure Club deals in

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Trousers
  • Rompers
  • Jumpsuits

Khaadi—Kids Wear

Apart from producing fine clothing styles for both men and women across the country, Khaadi has now started producing kids wear as well.

Khaadi Kids Clothing

Khaadi Kids Clothing is famous all over the country for its durability of the colors and texture. Where other brands are introducing modern cuts and styles in kids’ wear, Khaadi has introduced some traditional styles of clothing for children.

Khaadi deals in all kind of traditional stuff including

  • Kids Party Wear
  • Kids Frocks
  • Baby Girl Dresses
  • Kids Casual Dresses

Cocobee—Kids Wear

Cocobee is another simple yet elegant fashion brand dealing with the Kids fashion trends and clothing line. In the modern era, you can very easily rely upon this brand to get some elegant and modern fabric for your kids.

The prices are quite affordable and the material that is being used is of high quality. Cocobee introduces newer and newer styles in kidswear. The dresses having a western touch in them need no comparison with the rest of the brands. They speak of their brilliance and elegance.

From offering high-quality fabric to cheap prices, Cocobee is parents the first choice in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of dresses set up for your kids. So, let’s just not wait anymore and shop from this exclusive Kids fashion brand.

Mothercare—Designer Kids Wear

Mothercare is another leading fashion brand in Pakistan. It has been offering its services and kids fashion trends for many years in Pakistan. It is primarily common among many parents for accessories relating to newborn babies.

Kids Fashion Trends

It is the parents’ first choice for newborn babies’ products. Having 50 years of experience in Kids fashion trends, Mothercare offers some comfortable and easy to wear dresses for children ages 0-8 years.

Below are all the baby products that can be easily available at Mothercare,

  • Prams
  • Pushchairs
  • Baby Clothes
  • Nursery
  • Car Seats
  • Bathing

Junaid Jamsheed—Kids Wear

  1. (Junaid Jamsheed) is Pakistan’s leading fashion brand dealing with all kinds of male and female stuff. The brand has recently added kids’ clothing line in their stores and is certainly receiving acclaim from the public.

This brand really introduces some fresh and elegant clothing styles for kids. Modern parents exactly know what would suit their kids the most and that’s something that is not missed by J.

  1. offers some exquisite clothing trends for your kids that you cannot help but shop at the very moment.

Breakout—Kids Wear

When it comes to kids’ clothing, people usually seek comfort from those brands that can be very easily trusted in terms of stuff and quality. Breakout has been offering its services in kids wear for years and still, people have been madly in love with their dressing techniques and styles.

This fashion brand deals with all kinds of kids wear in Pakistan. It produces stuff that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

The team behind Breakout introduces the newest of the fashion trends primarily set for the children. So, let’s not miss out any chance to shop from this designer brand.

I hope you have now developed a clear understanding of which brand you should rely upon when it comes to the comfort of your children.

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