Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) Day 01 marks nature’s beauty


Fashion Pakistan Week has celebrated its Day 01 with full glamour and elegance as a lot of designers have showcased their collections at the ramp.

Those fashion houses that exhibited their collections on Day 01 include Alkaram Studio, Boheme, Gogi by Hassan Riaz, Yasmin Zaman, and Ayesha Farook.


Alkaram: La vie en rose

This collection by Alkaram marks the beauty of the red roses as it was reflecting from its ensembles. Both Muneeb Butt and Ayeza Khan have stolen the hearts while walking on the ramp representing Alkaram.

Boheme: Gul-e-Nar

Dresses that were attached to this collection “Gul-e-Nar” were carrying the essence of our Sindh culture. These outfits reflect Sindhi gajj embroidered patterns along with beautiful shades.

Anybody who is in love with the Sindhi culture would surely fall in love with the collection as well.

Yasmin Zaman: Tirana

“Tirana” collection by Yasmin Zaman features electrifying prints and beautiful embroidered patterns. The collection was somehow not much appreciated by the audience as it was lacking the modern charm.

Sarwat Gillani appeared as the celebrity showstopper for Yasmin Zaman. She was wearing an olive green velvet dress featuring modern cuts and styles.

Ayesha Farooq: Mahnoor

Ayesha Farook’s “Mahnoor” collection receives ample appreciations and cheers as it was full of glamour and shine. The collection explained the ‘temporary version of the wedding wear’.

Sadaf Kanwal was looking regal while she walked the ramp wearing a black and white outfit to close the show for Ayesha.

Gogi by Hassan Riaz: Lost in my French Garden

“Lost in my French Garden” one of the remarkable collections by Gogi pays homage to the French gardens.

Nimra Khan appeared as the celebrity showstopper for Hassan Riaz’s latest collection.


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