fawad chaudhry loan scheme

Gov. Of Pakistan is Ready to Give Startup Loans for Tech Projects: Who Want Change Now?


If you have a tech-based idea or any digital project in your mind, then Gov. Of Pakistan will support you. Fawad Chaudhary who is just transferred in Ministry of Science and Technology announced a productive loan package for the IT intellectuals.

It’s a place where Pakistan can yield a lot of monetary benefits. Our young ones have superb tech ideas but the only problem is, they have no proper setups or budgets.

According to his tweet, if someone has a tech-based idea or anything related to digital media joint venture then Pak Government will give 70% to 100% sponsorship regarding business loan for startup.”

Time to Change the Destiny:

This tech business loan Scheme will be handy for two types of people which are as follows:

  1. It’s a wonderful opportunity for any individual who has earned some money online through different IT tasks. Such experienced persons can enhance their business and involve additional workforce to increase revenue.
  2. For newbies, there is an equal opportunity to take the start for IT-based venture. The only prerequisite is that the idea should have a scope and proper feasibility.

Whats the Evaluation Deadline for government loan scheme?

In July 2019, the evaluation board will analyze the ideas of each candidate who get the registration number.

Some Tips To Get Fast approval for Gov Sponsorship:

The ultimate decision to grant a loan will be taken by the evaluation board in July. However, one ought to make sure that the idea should be in favor of more than one person.

The government will be interested to create employment opportunities so, if your idea can create new jobs in 2019 then you have fair chances.

First Pakistan Science Fair Will Be Held In Islamabad:

As per the statement issued by the newly appointed minister, Pakistan is happily announcing the first ever Science Fair 2019 in the month of August. So, if any person thinks, he or she can take part in fawad chaudhry loan scheme or uplifting Pak economy with the help of IT business then good news is coming in a couple of months.

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