Fawad criticizes Mubashir Lucman, voiced concerns in parliament to look into media laws


Federal minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has criticized the media personality Mubashir Lucman.

Fawad criticizes Mubashir Lucman

He is currently in headlines owing to the incident following the TV anchor Mubashir Lucman. It is worth noticing that Mubashir Lucman has claimed to have some illicit videos of the minister during a TV show.

On Monday, the science minister has voiced concerns and asked parliament to look into the media laws.

He said, “Is it a precondition for us politicians contesting elections that every passing individual drag our honor and dignity through the streets?”

Race for ratings between TV channels

He added that “First there was a race for ratings between TV channels. Now we are hounded by the beasts that are YouTube channels.”

He stated that Mubashir Lucman has accused him and said that he has his indecent videos with a female politician.

“Two days ago, a TV anchor did a show on his YouTube channel. He claimed that there are pornographic videos of me, a fellow female minister, and some other women.”

“When I asked him where those videos were, he replied with a smirk on his face that he did not have them, and that he had only heard of them,” he further added.

Mr. Speaker, this is a major problem

He went on saying that “Mr. Speaker, this is a major problem. Every MNA sitting here represents at least half a million voters. The people who vote for us trust and respect us. Then why, only for the sake of ratings and likes, are we ridiculed and disrespected?”

He requested the National Assembly Speaker to take special investigations to find media loopholes. He said,

“I request you to take notice of this and form a special committee of the House with equal representation of government and opposition members to discuss why laws governing the media are not implemented.”

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