‘Federal govt. doing everything to aid provinces in fight against coronavirus,’ Asad Umar

‘Federal govt. doing everything to aid provinces in fight against coronavirus,’ Asad Umar


Islamabad: The Federal Minister Asad Umar has stated here on Tuesday that ‘the federal government is doing everything to aid the province in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.’

Coronavirus Pandemic is destroying the lives of the people in the entire world. Where the most progressed countries could not help themselves from this virus, Pakistan was also under its spell from 27 February, 2020.

With each passing day, there happened to be a certain increase in the total number of confirmed cases. Starting from 1or 2 cases from Sindh it has now engulf the major parts of the country.

Local media sources revealed that the confirmed coronavirus cases have surged to 4,000 across the country. A large population of the country is falling because they could not help themselves.

On Tuesday night, the country has encountered 249 cases from different sections.

While addressing a press conference, he discussed at length how coronavirus has destroyed the economy of the major countries.

He was accompanied by the Special Assistant to PM on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza.

He explained that the government will send almost 153 ventilators to the different hospitals in Pakistan, starting from Thursday.

He declared, “The federal government is working for people throughout Pakistan in each province. It is working for healthcare workers, businesses, and other institutions.”

Meanwhile, he also warned masses about the dangerous effects of coronavirus. He has asked the nation to help government in fighting against it.

“Britain is recognized for having the best healthcare system in the world yet its PM Boris Johnson has been shifted to an ICU,” he added.

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