Fesco Bill


By entering your reference number of 14 numeric digits, you can access your fesco bill. Remember, no spaces between the digits. This procedure of getting your electricity bill online, is powered by the PITC (Power Information Technology Company).All valued Pakistani customers, throughout the country can get hold of their electricity Web bills by using the online fesco bill.

Two options of electricity bills are available: Choose between General & Industrial. Then you are ready to press the submit button.

You can also print out the Fesco bill, by following the printing instructions below:

  • Within Internet Explorer, click ‘PAGE SETUP’ from its file menu.
  • Then select ‘A4’ as the PAPER SIZE.
  • Go ahead by deleting the values under both 
  • Then you select “portrait” under ORIENTATION
  • Go on by clicking the OK button
  • Press ‘PRINT’ from FILE menu
  • Select the appropriate printer; then press the PRINT button

Note:  Certain Reference Numbers Were Revised Take Care To Enter the New Reference Numbers of 14 Digits As It Is Mentioned on the Fesco Printed Electricity Bill FESCO Online Bills: 

The consumers can check the status of bills online if they are living in
Faisalabad. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company has also launched SMS service registration.

SMS Service Registration Form

FESCO bill SMS service is also helpful for you, especially when you want to get billing information as well as electric supply.

FESCO Bill Calculator:

FESCO bill calculator’s main purpose that the consumers get a facility to get estimated value for their electricity bill. This FESCO calculator can work only if the electricity charges are up to 5 KW. Although, the accuracy of this estimation calculator cannot be 100 % accurate but at least it can give enough estimation about the total cost. The final figures will be declared by FESCO only. This calculator cannot give you the right amount which you are supposed to pay.

FESCO is supplying the electricity to the general public and the total number of consumers as per their officials is around 4 million. The general public is also requested to contact FESCO if they see any issue in the cables of electricity near their homes. They can call or email the FESCO management. However, as a common citizen you should try to remain away from such wires and immediately contact the FESCO complaint office.

Try to keep the kids and animals from such type of electric poles and wires where you see unusual shortage.

FESCO is very important electric hub in Pakistan because our main textile industry is in Faisalabad. They need electricity 24/7. The nest Tax system and clauses in FESCO bill can be understood after consultation with electric engineers.

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