Firdous Jamal, once again in highlights after commenting on Imran Ashraf’s acting skills


Veteran actor of our entertainment industry Firdous Jamal is always making problematic remarks about the current celebrities. Earlier, he has commented on Mahira Khan’s acting skills saying that “she is just a mediocre sort of a model” who is suitable for playing the roles of a mother.

After these remarks, he has received massive backlash from the fans of Mahira Khan. However, he is not having it. He is again in the highlights after commenting on Imran Ashraf’s acting skills.

During a talk show, he was asked about who is the best performer of the modern time, and thus he was also given the example of Imran Ashraf as ‘Bhola’ in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.

In response to this question, he replied that “There isn’t one. These new actors are in fact models and showpieces”.

Firdous Jamal commenting on Imran Ashraf’s acting skills

Firdous Jamal went on saying that “Imran’s performance wasn’t a spontaneous one. In fact, it was pretension. He was acting and not behaving. Such roles have been performed in the past as well but unfortunately, you haven’t seen those precious acts. I don’t want to criticize any individual here, but sadly acting is turning into a fashion these days.”

However, Imran Ashraf doesn’t take it on his heart. Rather he replied to his comments and opinion quite respectively. He posted on his social media account that,

“Firdous Jamal is indeed a great actor and that he respects him and his opinion. If Firdous sahib had portrayed Bhola’s character, he would have performed a thousand times better than him. He did not mind the remarks at all and in fact he will make further efforts to improve his craft.”

By the end of his post, he requested all his fans and friends not to pass harsh comments about his criticism.

What a gentleman you are Imran Ashraf!

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