First time Pakistanis seemed busy in prayers for India’s win: Akhtar


We have seen a lot of people in green shirts and they were having wish to see the India’s win. It was never happened in past. But the main dilemma is we being Pakistanis and as team members are lacking in self-confidence.

We have lost the spirit of game. We have forgotten to put pressure on other side. We have strong faith in Allah but we don’t know how to utilize it and how to get help from it. May be it’s the reason, our players are not giving their 100% and that’s why we want to see some miracles in the world cup 2019.

However, it was also interesting to note that at one time had 5 wickets in hand but only single or double was the preferred strategy. Same question raised by Sanjay Manjrekar. So, maybe there was some mutual conspiracy that today we will not win for the sake of our own benefit.

So, if New Zealand beat England and then Pakistani team beats Bangladash then we will be able to qualify for semi-final.

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