First trailer of Aladdin

The First trailer of Aladdin is out and people just can’t help waiting ardently for 24th May


Hey guys! Wanna recall childhood memories? Come I’ll take you into the very insight of the past. Yes! I am talking about the newly released trailer of the ancient film Aladdin with some modern modifications that will surely make you nostalgic.

The director of the film, Guy Ritchie has unveiled the first trailer of the film. And what an action-packed and dynamic trailer it is. Bursting with colors, requisite action and loads of hilarious scenes, this new Disney movie is all set to take its audience in the past times.
Naomi Scott, who is playing the role of a princess in the movie, has stated, “I saw her as a young woman, not a teenager, with a mature strength that can cut you down. Just to let you know, I want to play her strong, and if that’s not what you’re looking for, that’s OK, but it’s not for me.”

Aladdin will be played by Mena Massoud and Will Smith will be starring as Genie. The film is destined to hit the theatres on May 24, 2019.

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