Fisherman puts his life in danger to release a sperm whale stuck in a net.

An incredible act of kindness saw a fisherman near Ormara, Balochistan, successfully free a 30-foot-long sperm whale stuck in his net. The appreciative whale made a loop around the boat to show its gratitude.

One of the four largest whale species in the world and the biggest predator on Earth, the sperm whale may grow up to 16 meters from tip to nose and weigh up to 40,000 kilograms. These magnificent animals, which primarily consume squid in the deep water at depths of 300 to 500 meters, are essential to marine ecosystems.

Local Malakand resident Mohammad Shafiullah encountered an unforeseen obstacle on Saturday morning when hauling in his fishing net that had been set the night before off the coast of Balochistan.

The capture was remarkably substantial, and Shafiullah and his team were amazed when a large whale surfaced out of the water, entangled in a submerged net that the World Wildlife Fund-Pakistan (WWF-P) had placed there to prevent entanglement.

Shafiullah risked his life by going up to cut the net around the whale, knowing full well that any abrupt movement on the part of the enormous marine creature would put him, his crew, and the boat in danger. Shafiullah cut almost 500 meters of the net in thirty minutes of painstaking work, freeing the sperm whale.

The clever animal made a touching gesture by circling the boat as if to say thank you. The whale’s sudden display of teeth—almost like a smile—astonished the crew. For around fifteen minutes, the whale circled and dove around the boat before vanishing into the deep.

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