Flintoff tells England to drop anyone

Flintoff tells England to drop ‘anyone’ to get Archer into World Cup squad


The famous cricketer from England named as Flintoff has said that we need to drop anyone from the current England team and then add Archer. He is the new bowler from South Africa who has recently completed his three years Residency Program.

Andrew Flintoff said that Archer can ball at the speed of 145 kilometers per hour without any effect and such talented players are not a lot in England squad.

 Criticism from English People:

People of England are raising their voices, that Archer is not the local person and he should not be included in the team by dropping the local English people.

Flintoff also replied over it, if Kevin Pietersen can be included in the team even though he was from South Africa then why not Archer?

We need the genuine bowlers like him in the current England team. Furthermore, he said that the current England team is not prepared well, especially the bowling side has many flaws.

According to Andrew Flintoff, we did not qualify in the cricket World Cup 2019 before so we need the new blood in the team which seems good in the face of the archer.

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