FM Qureshi wants Trump to discuss Kashmir issue with Modi

FM Qureshi wants Trump to discuss Kashmir issue with Modi


Islamabad: Ahead of the US President Donald Trump’s India visit, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated here on Monday that it is a “golden opportunity” for the US President to raise Kashmir issue.

FM Qureshi wants Trump to discuss Kashmir issue with Modi

He said that Kashmiri people have been suffering due to the Modi-oriented government from the 5th of August when the curfew was being imposed on the territory. It’s been more than 200 days, but the situation of the occupied region has not changed.

He thought that it is the perfect time for US President Donald Trump to discuss the Kashmir issue with the Indian Premier Narendra Modi.

Earlier, Donald Trump has offered mediation over the Kashmir issue to the Pakistan premier Imran Khan during his official visit to Washington.

He questioned, “Will this remain an indefinite lockdown? Will they [Indian authorities] continue to trample on the rights of the people of Kashmir? Till when?”

Current government’s arrogance

However, despite the current government’s arrogance, people living in Kashmir have high hopes of their revival and life will be easier for them one day. Moreover, the current Indian government is destroying the image of the country before the international community.

Qureshi went on saying that we cannot ignore the blood of our fellow humans. We must stand out to protect their rights.

The foreign minister also discussed the trade relationships between India and the US. However, he also cleared that new ways of trade are opening between Pakistan and the US as well.

He added, “Apart from South Asia, there is also southwest Asia where Pakistan can play a vital role.”

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