Four-day-old baby girl burns to death in the incubator at NICH

According to the media sources, a four days old baby girl was burned to death in the incubator at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) on Thursday.

Four-day-old baby girl burns to death

The sources revealed that on Thursday morning the incubator in which the child was placed at the Surgical Intensive Care Unit of the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) had caught fire.

The NICH Director Prof Dr Jamal Raza has confirmed the news while talking to the media persons. He said,

Hospital’s second floor caught fire

“Four-day-old Iqra burned alive after her incubator on the hospital’s second floor caught fire.”

He further added that “Apparently, some technical fault resulted in the fire that destroyed the machine that keeps children warm and hydrated in the presence of pure oxygen.”

Incubators at the NICH

As a result of this horrific incident, all the other incubators at the NICH were shut down to conduct a detailed inspection.

Dr Raza further revealed that efforts were being made to remove the lid of the incubators but it was all vain.

Our staff tried their best

He asserted, “Our staff tried their best to extinguish the blaze and used the fire extinguisher to put out the flames, but the blaze was so fierce that it completely destroyed the machine, reducing the baby inside into a charred body.”

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