Shops in Sialkot collapsed

Four Shops in Sialkot collapsed owing to the undergoing work in the basement


Sialkot: Sources revealed that four shops in the Sambrial district, Sialkot collapsed on Sunday. The incident resulted in the cardiac arrest of one of the owners after he paid a visit to the shop.

Investigations regarded the incident are under process. The assistant commissioner stated that within a few minutes, the four shops collapsed on the ground creating a lot of fuss. Misshape happened owing to the work which was undergoing in the basement.

As per the reports, the owner of one of the shops has paid a visit to the shop and after witnessing the unfortunate incident got a cardiac arrest.

He was immediately shifted to the nearby hospital in the city.

It is also reported that the reasons behind the incident were also the carelessness on part of the workers. They have avoided the safety measures during the construction process.

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