France Warns Monetary Sovereignty Is Threatened by Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency


On Thursday, France cautioned it will be blocking the development of the Libra cryptocurrency of Facebook inside Europe, because it will threaten the monetary sovereignty of European countries.


Whilst opening the OECD conference about virtual crypto currencies, Le Maire stated that he wants to make it very clear that in such conditions, they can’t give the authorization to develop the Libra within European territory.


Earlier during 2019, Facebook disclosed its plans to develop a worldwide cryptocurrency named the Libra.

The social media giant pledged it will deliver a virtual currency which is stable, living on smartphones, whilst in addition it will bring more than a billion ‘unbanked’ individuals into the financial sphere.

The planned Libra coin, with backing from nonprofit & financial partners, portrayed an elaborate new enterprise for the globe’s largest social network.

This initiative has the potential of bringing cryptocurrencies from its previous shadowy background into the financial mainstream.

Watch Video: France: Libra cryptocurrency Has threatened the “Monetary sovereignty” of government

Facebook along with 24 partners have launched an open-source code prototype of the Libra. It done this, to enable interested developers to weave it into services, apps or businesses before its official rollout as a worldwide digital currency in 2020.


The Libra Association, with its headquarters in Geneva, will be supervising the coin which is based on blockchain technology. The nonprofit association, for keeping the digital money stable, will maintain a physical world asset reserve.


This initiative can potentially provide over a billion ‘unbanked’ individuals worldwide, with accessibility to financial services and online commerce at minimal cost, according to Dante Disparte, the chief of the Libra Association’s policy & communications department.


Disparte added that they are of the opinion by providing people with access to opportunity & money most cost-effectively, similar to the method used by the internet providing information, much more stability can be established compared to what they had experienced until now.

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