“From January 15, FBR aims to restrict mobile phones and SIM cards for non-filers.”

Pakistan’s tax authorities are cracking down on people who aren’t paying their taxes. They are focusing on those who have income that should be taxed but haven’t filed the necessary paperwork. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has sent notices to thousands of such individuals and, starting January 15, they plan to block the SIM cards and mobile phones of these tax evaders.

The FBR is actively dealing with the problem of people not following tax rules. On January 15, they will give orders to block the SIM cards and phones of those who haven’t paid their taxes. Law enforcement agencies will take strict actions against those who don’t comply.

Apart from dealing with mobile phones, officials are also thinking about disconnecting electricity and gas for people who don’t pay taxes. However, in 2024, the Revenue Department is struggling to get information on the electricity connections of those who haven’t filed taxes.

The goal of all these actions is to make sure people pay their taxes and discourage them from trying to avoid their responsibilities. Blocking SIM cards and phones is a big step to hold people accountable and encourage them to fulfill their tax duties.

The broader actions, like possibly cutting off utility services, show that the government is serious about stopping tax evasion and wants people to be responsible with their money.

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