“Gautam Gambhir believes that Pakistan has one of the least impressive fielding teams in this World Cup.”

Gautam Gambhir, a former Indian cricketer, shared valuable observations about Pakistan’s loss to Afghanistan in the 2023 World Cup match. He highlighted three critical areas of concern that have been impacting Pakistan’s performance.

To begin with, Gambhir emphasized Pakistan’s persistent fielding problems. He noted that issues with fielding have been a long-standing concern, even dating back to the Asia Cup. Gambhir stressed the significance of solid fielding, explaining that while a team may have off-days in bowling or batting, subpar fielding can be highly detrimental. He also suggested that Pakistan’s fielding unit may be the weakest among the World Cup teams, which has been a recurring issue.

Secondly, Gambhir pointed out Pakistan’s struggles against spin bowling, particularly when playing on pitches that favor spinners. In the mentioned match, none of Pakistan’s spinners managed to take a wicket, indicating a clear weakness in dealing with spin, which is a significant cause for concern.

Lastly, he discussed Pakistan’s batting lineup, noting a lack of diversity and an absence of a clear aggressor. Gambhir proposed that, aside from Iftikhar Ahmed, the top-order batters have similar styles, potentially limiting their ability to take control of the game.

To succeed in modern cricket, Gambhir recommended a more diverse and aggressive approach to batting. By diversifying the batting order and instilling aggression, Pakistan can better adapt to the ever-changing demands of the game. Gambhir’s insights offer a roadmap for Pakistan to address these issues and improve their overall performance on the international stage.

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