Get Interest-Free Monthly Installments on Used Toyota & Suzuki Cars Up to 9 Years Old!

BankIslami has launched BankIslami AutoFinance, a user-friendly financing option designed to streamline the process of acquiring locally manufactured cars up to 9 years old. This initiative is geared towards providing accessible financing solutions for potential car buyers.

To learn more about this opportunity, interested individuals can visit the official website at The financing terms include a rental rate of 6 months KIBOR+2% and a competitive Takaful rate of 1.99%. It’s worth noting that this special offer is available for a limited time.

This strategic move by BankIslami underscores their dedication to offering affordable and convenient financing options for those in the market for pre-owned vehicles. The initiative not only meets the financial needs of customers but also fosters the local automobile market by supporting the financing of domestically manufactured cars.

Prospective buyers are urged to explore the website for comprehensive details on the terms and conditions of BankIslami AutoFinance. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to simplify your next car purchase.

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