Get Your Dubai Driver’s License: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting a driver’s license in Dubai is a step-by-step process to ensure safety and rule compliance. The requirements may differ based on the type of vehicle and your age, typically ranging from 17 to 21.

To apply, you need documents like Emirates ID, residence copy, passport copy, eye test report, passport-size photos, and a No Objection Certificate. Start by registering at an approved driving school, taking an eye test, and obtaining a temporary learner’s permit.

Both theory and practical training are mandatory, followed by the required driving tests. After completing these steps, fill out a form at a registered driving license center and submit necessary documents and test clearances from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai to get your driver’s license.

For those with foreign licenses from RTA-registered countries, a conversion process requires documents like the original license, passport, No Objection Letter, residence visa, and theory and RTA road test forms.

The cost, covering lessons, tests, and documents, ranges from 345,560.33 RS to 537,538.29 RS, depending on the driving school and courses chosen. Approved driving schools like Dubai Driving Center, Al Ahli Driving School, Belhasa Driving Center, Excellence Driving Center, and Emirates Driving Institute guide you through the learning process.

Exceptions exist for those with valid driving licenses who can get a license online or visit the RTA office. An initiative in 2023 provides a special chance for expatriates not from RTA-approved countries to qualify and obtain a license.

In summary, getting a driver’s license in Dubai involves meeting eligibility rules, providing necessary documents, and completing required training for a solid understanding of road rules and safety measures.

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