Global Brand Introduces Bag Comprising 99% Air and Only 1% Glass

During the Fall 2024 Paris Fashion Week, Coperni astounded the audience with the debut of an unparalleled handbag predominantly composed of air. Dubbed the Air Swipe bag, this distinctive creation was the outcome of a unique collaboration with NASA.

Constructed from a substance known as silica aerogel, renowned for its ultra-light properties often utilized by NASA, the Air Swipe bag is comprised of 99% air and a mere 1% glass. Remarkably lightweight, akin to a standard lightbulb, the bag possesses surprising durability, capable of enduring extreme conditions such as high heat and pressure.

Designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant joined forces with a visual artist and a specialist in silica aerogel to materialize this exceptional accessory, refining its design through 15 iterations.

While bearing resemblance to Coperni’s iconic Swipe bag, some enthusiasts questioned its practicality. Coperni promptly reassured everyone that it is indeed capable of accommodating an iPhone.

This isn’t the first instance of Coperni making waves with their innovative creations. Previously, they have showcased dresses painted directly onto models and incorporated robotic canines into their runway presentations. This season, they continue to push boundaries with futuristic and otherworldly designs.

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