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Gloria Jean’s Coffees is famous all over the world for offering multiple flavored coffees. If you are looking for a lush and decent spot to enjoy a good coffee then Gloria Jean’s Coffees is the only solution.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is also hailed as one of the biggest Premium Coffee chains in Lahore.


Here are some awesome features of this spot which will help you out in reviewing this joint.

  • Best Hang out Spot
  • Amazing Ambience
  • Multiple Coffee flavors
  • Decent Interior
  • Availability of Hot Chocolates
  • Expensive

These things will help you out in figuring out what’s best in this spot.

Interior & Ambience

Let me tell you that this eatery has a lot of franchises in the city. And each franchise is consist of a unique and decent interior structure.

The walls have been painted very artistically to make your experience the best one. Several props and decoration items have been displayed and arranged brilliantly.

Coming towards the sitting options, the place has multiple designs for table and chairs. They are also offering sofa sitting for a comfortable coffee experience.

Moreover, they have a very courteous and friendly staff. The management is quite amazing. You’ll experience a perfect ambience at this spot as well.


As it is evident from the name that this spot is best for offering multiple coffee flavors. Apart from Coffee and chai they are offering grilled sandwiches, burgers, Pizzas, and steaks to entertain their customers.

They are also offering iced coffees, chillers, and smoothies to their visitors.

Let me make it clear that this eatery is expensive as well.


It is located at 76 CA، Street 6, Block J Phase 5 D.H.A, Lahore, Punjab.

I would highly recommend you to visit this spot.

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