Prepare Facial Products from Kitchen

Go Natural! Prepare Facial Products from Your Kitchen:


Its the utmost desire of each man and woman to have a natural glowing skin. Beauty attracts millions of eyes. Today at we are going to reveal some easy methods to prepare the stuff of facial treatment. You will have no side effects if you also use this method.

Steaming Process:

Step 1. Steam your face by holding your face over a bowl of boiling water for five to ten minutes if skin is oily, five minutes if skin is dry, with the head covered by a towel. You may add herbs or a few drops of essential oils to the water. After these blackheads may be extracted and then a mask used to close the pores (this treatment is not suitable for those with very sensitive or broken skin).

Arrangements of Oats:

Step 2. Place some oats in a small bowl and mix with a little warm water to form a paste. Smooth the mask evenly over your face (avoiding eyes) and wait until dry (approx. 10 minutes). You may like to place thin layers of cucumber over your eyes and lay down and relax. While washing off the mask, gently rub in circular motion to exfoliate your skin. Hope it will be easy for you.

The Use of Honey is Must:

Step 3. To soften your skin, smooth a thin layer of honey over your face and wait until dry. Wash off meticulously.

Step 4. Use a substantial amount of your favorite moisturizer to complete your facial!

As you have perceived, here you did not see anything intolerable or too much problematic if you want to develop whitening skin without doing too much.

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